Loan Products

The loans can either be self-guaranteed or guaranteed by other members of the self- help group. One can take a loan upto three (3 times) ones savings. The guarantorship is a shilling for a shilling.

A borrower shall be allowed to source guarantors from members of the groups where they belong or other self help groups under Caritas Nairobi Self Help Programme. Where a guarantor belongs to a different group other than the borrower’s, the guarantor shall fill their details as required in the loan form indicating the group where they belong.

Development Loan
All-purpose loan granted to all members individually or to corporates to finance development projects
Business Loan
Finance trading activities
Emergency Loan
For unforeseen circumstances e.g. sickness, natural disasters or accidents.
Education Loan
For school fees and related expenses only
Agribusiness Loan
For agricultural purposes
Loan Refinancing
The proceeds of the new loan shall be used to clear the existing one.
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